Norton Secutity – Antivirus Free Trial Hack v4.6.1.4412 Full Activated


Antivirus Protection
Unlike most other security apps, Norton hides the antivirus scan button in the overflow menu. Once you’ve completed a scan, it won’t let you pointlessly launch another scan until a few seconds later. But that doesn’t affect your protection; the app automatically performs a scan when it starts up the first time, and then scans every app that’s installed on the device.

Anti-Theft Features
While mobile malware is a rising threat, the most-immediate danger is loss and theft. With the industry average for Android antivirus detection clustered at just below 100 percent, anti-theft features are often the differentiators among security suites.

With Norton,you can remotely lock, locate, and wipe your device. You can also take a photo of the thief with the Sneak Peek feature, start a backup, and activate a loud Scream alarm. You can activate these features either from the excellently designed Norton Web portal or by using special commands sent via SMS. Note that the Wipe feature, which launches a full factory reset of your phone, can only be triggered over the Web. That’s a prudent precaution against someone abusing these SMS commands.

Web Protection
Phishing is a popular avenue of attack, whether you’re surfing the Web on a desktop or a mobile device. To counter this threat, Norton includes Web protection that screens for known malicious URLs and fraudulent (phishing) URLs. This feature protects the stock Android browser, Chrome, the Samsung S browser, Firefox, and Opera.