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Paris NFT Day reveals a list of notable speakers

Paris NFT Day reveals a list of notable speakers
Paris NFT Day reveals a list of notable speakers

NFT opens party in Paris

Taking place on April 12th, 2022, NFT Day in Paris (also known as “Paris NFT Day”), Europe’s biggest conference devoted to NFT from a commercial viewpoint, has announced its program and speaker roster.

NFT Festival CEO Emmanuel Fenet said, “The first ever NFT Festival in Paris will prove to be an amazing and engaging event for participants, with the team behind it.” In addition to praising the interactive exhibits, this legendary group of speakers also said:

“This enormous event will enable guests to learn about worldwide famous NFT initiatives and businesses, play with diverse use cases of the technology, and meet with creators. behind these advancements. “.

It is expected that up to 2,000 attendees including well-known brands such as Kering, Chanel and Rolex, L’Oreal and Animoca will attend the Paris NFT Day to learn about the commercial applications of the NFT and related Web3 technologies, allowing visitors to become acquainted with prominent industry players and revenue streams.

Paris NFT Day reveals a list of notable speakers

In addition, these exhibits will provide participants with the opportunity to learn about and connect with the companies and projects on show, as well as identify prospective business opportunities.

Spaces devoted to NFT interactive experiences will be on display, with each of the following five themes:

  • Luxury and Fashion – A virtual fashion show with 3D projection of NFT clothing samples.
  • Games – Shows how NFTs are revolutionizing the gaming industry through play for money.
  • Metaverse – A large-scale virtual reality display of the metaverses, including Decentraland.
  • Art – An interactive NFT art gallery accessible through VR and an NFT auction.
  • Investigate the symbiotic relationship between sports and non-traditional work, as well as the wealth-generating potential of the world’s top athletes.

Over 50 speakers from a wide range of disciplines will take the stage, including crypto and blockchain, sports, finance, and literature, to name just a few. Speakers confirmed thus far are:

  • The Sandbox’s Co-Founder and CEO, Sebastien Borget
  • The CEO of UTS and the Mouratoglou Academy, Patrick Mouratoglou, is Serena Williams’ coach.
  • One of Ava Labs’ co-founders is Emin Gün Sirer
  • Austin Federa, Solana Labs’ Head of Communications, explains the company’s mission to the public.
    Johann Bornman, MetaMask’s Director of Product,
  • Gouzelle Ishmatova, L’Oréal’s Bold Venture Capital Chief Strategy Officer
  • Sotheby’s Vice President and Sales Director Giulia Archetti was one of the numerous speakers at the event.

At the event, attendees may participate in a first-of-its-kind experience where they can purchase a booth as a non-profit transaction (NFT), as well as in an art exhibition organized by the non-profit group Achetez de l’Art and an auction with all revenues going to charities selected by the artists.

At the end, UTS’ Mouratoglou says, “I can’t wait to see all of my NFT friends and colleagues at the NFT Festival in Paris!” This will be a great chance for those in the sport sector to communicate, interact, and debate their roles in the industry.”

The Paris NFT Festival: A Quick Guide

NFT Day in Paris is a contemporary European event that brings together all sections of the NFT ecosystem as part of Blockchain Summit Week in Paris.

The purpose of the gathering is to educate and welcome newcomers to the digital asset area by spreading awareness about the benefits of developing and owning digital assets.

Paris NFT Day reveals a list of notable speakers

At the event, blockchain developers, game developers, artists, investors, and enthusiasts all get together to show off their work and discuss the future of the technology. In the actual world, utilize NFT.

On Tuesday, April 12, Paris NFT Day will be held in the Palais Brongniart in Paris.

Introducing Blockchain Summit Week in Paris

At the Palais Brongniart in Paris and through a specialized digital platform, the Paris Blockchain Summit Week will take place from April 12-14.

An worldwide conference for crypto and blockchain asset specialists was officially established in April of this year, making the summit the first of its kind in France.

OnX-Blockchain and Woorton, two of the most respected names in new technology, are coordinating the event. The Blockchain Summit Week in Paris, sponsored by some of the country’s most prominent technocrats and politicians, will serve as a vehicle for promoting the growth of blockchain technology and digital assets in France.



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