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If you are a fan of the Android green robot, then it must be no stranger to APK. If the Windows operating system uses the .exe file to install software on the device, the Android operating system uses the APK file to do that. So what is APK and how to install the APK file? Let us explore to answer this question

What is an APK?

APK is the abbreviation of the English phrase “Android application package”. Can understand this is an application installation tool on the Android operating system. The APK file is actually a ZIP archive based on the JAR format using the * .apk extension.

Currently, most users install the application from the Google Play store by convenient, quick operation; However, apart from that, you absolutely can do the same thing when downloading an APK file.


Benefits when installing APK files

When using the APK file, users can easily access and experience all the exciting new features not yet available on the system. In addition, when installing the APK file, it also helps users to access a limited number of applications in their region, so that they can experience more than the limits in CH Play.

If your Android smartphone is not granted access to the Google Play Store, then APK files may be the only savior for you to install the application on your device.

How to install the APK file

Install the APK file through the computer
First of all, download the APK file on your computer. Next, connect to your Android device, you will be asked to “Charge the phone” or connect to “Multimedia device”, you must choose the second option to continue with the next steps. .

You need to search your phone directory on your computer, proceed to copy the APK file to a folder on your phone. Finally, find the APK file, click it and click Install. So the installation of the APK file from the computer is complete

apkstore 1

Install the APK file from an Android device
You can install the APK files from the browser on an Android smartphone or tablet. Before proceeding with the installation on your device, you need to ensure that third-party applications have access to your device. To do that, you need to do the following: Select Menu à Settings à Security à On Allow downloads from unknown sources.

APK file

Then open the browser, find the APK file to download and click on it to download to the device. When the file download is complete, proceed to open the Download section, click the APK file and select “Yes”, the application will begin to install on your device. After the waiting time, the application as an APK file has been installed on your device and appears on the main screen with its icon.


From the above research, we hope to help you answer your questions, and know two ways to install APK files safely, virus-free and valid with the device you are using. I wish you success to have new and interesting experiences with the applications on your device!

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