How to level up quickly in the game Hay day

hay day apk lever up
hay day apk lever up

Hayday is the most popular farm game in the world. Although in Vietnam today, this game is no longer updated with events anymore, you can still play with your friends! As a longtime addict of Hayday, have you known the tricks to level up quickly in Hayday? Today, we will show you how to level up quickly to make friends squint in this super fun game!

Hay day apk – the world’s most favorite farm game

Similar to other regular level-up games, Hayday players need to gain experience (EXP) through jobs in order to advance. In this Hayday farm game, players can earn experience points from activities: harvesting crops, livestock products, factory products, completing orders, helping neighbors, completing single application from the ship or shopping, upgrading the farm, … So how to level up faster with these activities here?
How to level up quickly in Hayday?

Login daily

Grandparents often have the saying: “There is a grinding iron, there are days to make needles”, so to be able to level up the fastest, there’s no other way than you have to work hard somewhere. Please login to the game daily to complete the work and accumulate a lot of experience points, my friend.

Login daily hayday game

Prioritize orders on high exp

On the pin board, there are many orders coming from many houses, please choose the ones with high experience points to complete instead of making one by one on the board.

With our experience, choose orders with experience points above 100 to increase your chances of leveling up faster. Please remove the orders have low experience points to appear more new orders with more blue stars and complete them!

leverup hayday

Enhance crop harvest

Becoming a genuine farmer, nothing can level up as quickly as actively harvesting crops. The harvest of many crops not only gives players more experience points but also items to upgrade the farm to be more modern!
 Positive harvest
To be able to level up quickly, you should prioritize planting wheat or corn, because these are two short-term, fast-growing varieties of plants, giving extremely high XP experience in a short time. Give it a try!

Hardworking livestock

One of the important ways to level up is to raise animals and harvest meat, eggs, milk, etc. to produce other products. This activity also brings a lot of experience points!
Hardworking for animals to eat and collect meat, eggs, milk
However, in order to gain experience points to quickly level up, farmers prioritize feeding and harvesting eggs regularly and on time because chicken feed is made from wheat, produced in a short time. best than other types and chickens also produce faster than other animals. So you will gain the most experience points in a short time only!

Hardworking livestock

Plant the apple tree as soon as it is sufficient

You may not know, apples are the highest experience point trees and the most sold at the stall. Each apple gives players 7 experience points and 12 experience points when you help your neighbor! Plant as soon as you reach level 15 to continue growing faster faster!

Apple in hayday game

Do not miss the newspaper that appears when logging in the game

Every time you log into the game, a newspaper will appear! Don’t miss it, just click quickly to update the event and complete it.

 Must update daily events

Typically, each event will take place from 24 hours to 48 hours, these are events that support players, help them earn more gold as well as can double the experience points you gain. This can be called the star of hope for the farmers in Hayday, because their hard work and efforts will be recognized, appreciated and rewarded by the market.

 Must update daily events

Accumulate products to complete the ship

Completing the ship is not a simple and easy task because this order is very high, the quantity of products is high. So, while waiting for the ship to dock, players need to labor and production to meet the required number.
The ship with huge orders
The experience points for this order are extremely high, which is a huge jump on the score bar if you complete them. So do your best because sometimes you get double the experience and you absolutely deserve it with the hard work!

Enhance crop harvest hayday
Accumulate products to complete the ship

Help the neighbors often

In Hayday, there is nothing more precious than having many neighbors to share and help each other in difficult times.
The neighborhood love is respectable
When neighbors need you, the game will appear exclamation marks right next to their avatar. Sometimes it takes help completing a good order

Help the neighbors often

Sales to generous guests

Every time a visitor comes to your farm, greet them warmly and see what they need. Meet them if you have all the products they require, because these guests are extremely generous, you will receive a large amount of gold and experience points are quite high. Very convenient to help you level up quickly, right?

Interested in pets more

You can earn a lot of experience points from the smallest activities. The pets in your garden not only know where to eat, sleep, play but also very helpful for the owner if interested and loved it.
Pets bring a lot of experience points for the owner
Players can gain experience points when waking up pets, feeding them meat or milk and playing with them for a certain amount of time. All you need to do is always have meat, milk and take some time to play with your beloved pet!

pet in hay day 1

Fishing whenever free

Perhaps you will find it very troublesome, boring when going fishing but you will be more excited to know that fishing is a way to help you level up quickly!
Fishing fish brings high experience points
Always keep enough nets and bait to get to the fish pond anytime you are free as well as the areas in the open pond and bring back fresh fish as well as amazing experience points.

fishing in hay day game


As a longtime Hayday player, have you learned the 11 ways to level up quickly that we have shared yet? If you have any better tips, please share right away so we and the other players know! Take advantage of the time of social isolation because of the anti-epidemic Covid-19 to plow the game up “le ma” speedy offline! Wish you good health and have fun playing games!

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