What is Cyberflix TV?

Cyberflix TV is the movie streaming app, the most popular TV show after Terrarium TV for a while or the name Showbox so familiar. Cyberflix TV is definitely the best choice if you are looking for an alternative name to Terrarium TV. It can be said that Cyberflix TV is one of the easiest-to-use streaming applications with more than 3 million users worldwide. This app has beaten a lot of other formidable apps like Cinema HD or TVZion, etc.
Cyberflix TV owns a huge treasure of movies from all over the world, regardless of whether it is Hollywood, Bollywood blockbusters or smooth love films from Korea, Japan, … and many movies and regional dramas and other languages. Cyberflix provides media content worldwide.
You can use VPN for fast transmission and safe use.

Features of Cyberflix TV

The Cyberflix TV app regularly updates new content with many of the latest and greatest current movies and TV shows. It can be seen that this continuous new update proves that the development team is working very hard to bring the world the best entertainment world without limitation.
This streaming app is always appreciated because there is full resolution for each video posted, giving viewers a rich choice, they can choose an appropriate resolution depending on the thing. Internet connection conditions to enjoy the most comfortable and smooth entertainment. Always make sure the device’s Internet connection is always secure, the stronger the connection, the higher the resolution.

The highlight of Cyberflix TV is the support for users to play third-party videos or from their own devices. Besides the movies and TV shows available on the Cyberflix homepage, users can use this app to play videos in their device memory or watch videos from third parties, such as: VLC, MX Player, …
When watching movies on websites, you reward annoyance when watching trailers about 15 seconds to 30 seconds. Although Cyberflix TV is a free app, we guarantee that you will never be bothered by ads, feel free to enjoy the endless world of movies without getting annoyed with interrupted videos. predestined!
Cyberflix TV extremely loves its users because up to 80% of the content is supported with subtitles, so you can enjoy watching movies without any language barriers.

Why choose Cyberflix TV for Firestick TV?

CyberflixTV on Firestick TV is a perfect, great choice for hours of entertainment just like home theater. You can easily install this quality application on your Firestick TV. In particular, users do not need to crack Firestick TV to be able to install. For this convenient reason, along with many of the Cyberflix TV features we pointed out above, is there anything you would hesitate with this app?

How to download and install Cyberflix TV to Firestick TV?

To be able to install Cyberflix TV What is Cyberflix TV ?, you first need to access Firestick and grant access from an unknown source.
First, click the Settings button in the upper left of the TV screen


Orange “Settings” button

Next, go to the Devices section of Settings to continue with the following

steps: 2

Select the Device item
Select the Device item

step 3:

Developer options section
Developer options section

Step 4:

To be able to grant permissions, keep clicking Apps from unknown sources:

This makes it easy for you to install Cyberflix
This makes it easy for you to install Cyberflix

STEP 5: User can turn on Unknown source by clicking Enable:

Select "Turn On" to turn on unknown power on Firestick TV
Select “Turn On” to turn on unknown power on Firestick TV

STEP 6 : Next, users need to return to the main screen of Firestick TV and move to the search bar

Search table

STEP 7: Click on the search bar with the keyword “Downloader“, then click on the Downloader application:

Click ( Downloader ) Results show on the screen

Step 8 :Select the Open button in the Downloader app, click allow to start installing this app on Firestick T

Downloader application

Step 9: Downloader application


Touch the Allow button to agree to download the application

STep 11: After the Downloader application has successfully downloaded, quickly go to the Settings section

click ok

STEP 12: Activate JavaScript by checking

STEP 13: Then click on the browser of the application:

The browser is available on Downloader

STEP 14 : Navigate to the search bar and enter the URL below to search for Cyberflix TV for Firestick TV and start downloading:

STEP 15 : Once Cyberflix TV has been downloaded, a screen will appear and click “Install“, the process can take several minutes:

instal cyberflix TV

STEP 16:

Click “Done” to confirm the completion of the installation

STEP 17 : Next, go back to the main Downloader app home screen and delete the downloaded APK file

Click Delete to delete
Continue to click Delete to confirm the operation

Don’t worry, go to the See all section of Firestick TV and you’ll find Cyberflix TV at the bottom, if you want to move it to the top:



With a leisurely life these days, there’s nothing better than enjoying it by watching hot movies and TV shows on Firestick TV and Cyberflix TV. The most perfect experience. Try to see what we said is true! Wish you always healthy and have moments of watching movies fun and comfortable!

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