How to make money on Youtube – Tips – Episode 5


Hello to the next part of how to make money on Youtube.

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Youtube Internal Video Ranking Factors

Method 1 (Whitehat)
How to get more views and likes on your youtube videos?
1- Shorten your Youtube video link and find some question type websites.

2- Go to Quora, answer people’s questions and add your video link in it.

3- Go to Google and enter this search operator into it => { keyword “Forum” } and you will find some excellent forums related to your video, join them and answer unanswered questions to get more visitors.

5- Login Twitter and search for hashtags relevant to your video, for example, #SEO, #InternetMarketing and post your video link using these hashtags to get more views.

Method 2 (Blackhat) (Not Recommended)

1- Go to

2- Sign up for QQtube and add funds.

3- Order high retentions views.

Add minimum 500 views to your video to bypass the 301 freeze system of Youtube. Try to drip feed views and likes.


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