How to make money on Youtube – Tips – Episode 1


Driving traffic to your videos on Youtube was not easy before, but here we will discuss facts that make Youtube so productive for SEOs. Without any doubt, we all know that Youtube is the World’s second largest search engine. You can grab Millions of daily visitors from Youtube but only if you know the traffic recipe.

So, today we will be discussing:

1. Why Youtube is a huge untapped traffic source?
2. Finding video keywords for your Youtube videos.
3. Recipes that you should use every time for your videos.
4. Ninja video ranking strategies for everyone.
5. Other tactics.

Youtube Facts and Stats
 More than one Billion people use Youtube every month.
 About 83% US Internet users, aged 14-18(teens) use Youtube every month.
 1.5 hours of video is uploaded to Youtube every sec.
 80% of Youtube traffic comes from outside of the US.
 71% of US viewers use Youtube to watch online videos.
 More than 800 tweets per minute containing a YouTube link. According to Reelseo article, 400 hours of videos are uploaded to Youtube every minute, this shows that how gigantic Youtube is. They also said that over 60 Million users in China use Youtube every month. These facts clearly show the crystals and hidden gems in Youtube.

Here comes the sweet part.

Keyword Research For Finding Video Keywords

To get started with Youtube, we need to do proper keyword research like we mostly SEO’s do for content.
Video Keywords are of 5 types:

1- Entertainment (Funny Videos, Amazing Videos)

2- Reviews (Product, Services) 3- Tutorials (On-page SEO Checklist)

4- How-to Keywords (Questions)

5- Lists (Top 10 Horror Movies, Top 5 On-page SEO Checklist)

It’s time to find video keywords:
For this purpose, the first thing we need to use is SerpStat, it’s an auto-suggest keyword research tool to find How-to type of keywords not only that, but you can do proper keyword research with it also by putting different kind of keywords.

For this example, I am using “How to make a” modifier only, and it will suggest me the long tail keywords after “how to make a” with different variations. You can do the same with Long Tail Pro too.
You can see all the long tail keywords below:
Let’s grab “how to make leather wrap bracelet” only for this example without doing any competition analysis.

The keyword has 320 roughly monthly searches in the US with CPC of $0.91, try to reach keywords with minimum 300+ monthly searches always.

After Finding the keywords let’s move onto the next step.

Always check the first page of Google for your targeted keywords, that focused keyword should have a video on the first page of Youtube to get an edge from others.

Let’s check!

“how to make leather wrap bracelet.”

Boom! We found a video on the 2nd spot.


1.1- Alternative Video Keyword Research Methods
Method 1

1- Go to Youtube.

2- Type few starting words of your keyword in Youtube’s search box.

3- Youtube will suggest you some related keywords that are most searched by viewers.

4- Grab some keywords.

Method 2

1- Go to Google keyword planner tool.

2- Enter your keyword.

3- Set the filters(300 minimum monthly searches recommended).

4- Click on get ideas button and get your keywords.

(Not the best keyword but only, for example, purposes)

1.2- Grab some LSI keywords

According to Wikipedia,

“Latent semantic indexing (LSI) is an indexing and retrieval method that uses a mathematical technique called singular value decomposition (SVD) to identify patterns in the relationships between the terms and concepts contained in an unstructured collection of text.”

Always grab some LSI keywords to design the layout of your content in an acceptable way.
For this just type your primary keywords in the Google and you will find many.

The first lesson is very important in finding owners and attracting many youtube views.


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