What is Xapk! This is definitely a question for many mobile phone users to ask themselves in their heads, we understand that, so we will explain to you what xapk is.

What is Xapk!

APK” is an abbreviation for the English phrase “Android application package” which means an application installer on Android operating system. Like using operating systems on your computer, when you want to install a program, you need to have the file with the extension .exe. to fit the computer. For Android, when installing a program, you need to download a .apk file extension for your operating system.

What is Xapk!
What is Xapk

 The APK is a compressed file containing the content of an application used on the Android operating system.

Normally, when downloading applications from CH Play, you will not see this .apk extension. Only when you download the application on your computer will the file show the .apk extension. Applications before being updated on CH Play will have introductory versions on websites. If you are interested in such software and applications, the APK will help you download. In addition, there are versions or a game application that you extremely like but are limited to a region or a country, not on CH Play, this APK file will help you download and experience the application. limited.

Advantages of APK files: APKs allow you to experience any application you like quickly even if the provider has a limit on the number of downloads, or the application is restricted in a certain country.
Disadvantages of APK files: Advantages are redundant, but APKs still have disadvantages that APKs can be extremely dangerous for your smartphone because those who upload the APK file will take advantage of virus insertion to reap, extort, or sabotage your phone without your knowledge. You may be exposed to personal information or phone conversations, chat via the app, so consider when downloading APK files from sources outside the store to install, choose smart websites Prestigious forum offline.


XAPK is a special file format. Like APK, XAPK is a file format for users to download and install applications outside of the CH Play store to install on their Android device. However, XAPK has some other content such as: cache data (OBB), graphics storage, media files and other application data, this makes the difference between XAPK and APK.

Android application package (APK)
Android application package (APK)

 XAPK files are used to distribute applications on third party websites such as APKure, APPVN, … they are not supported by Google Play. XAPK helps install Android games and applications on corresponding devices or install on computer emulators to support the user experience, especially for game streamer, a game emulator on Computers are great things. Currently XAPK files are increasingly used more commonly because XAPK has OBB memory that supports the installation of large capacity applications. This APK file cannot be XAPK.

XAPK files are not standard Google Play application installation packages, so they must be manually installed or installed using the XAPK installer.

Advantages of XAPK file: Scan all data in a file; Quickly install large game files; Less file errors; The compressed file size will use less memory and lower data; The application will be installed perfectly without any problems of lack of memory.

 Disadvantages of XAPK file: like the APK, when installing XAPK, you should use reputable and quality websites to avoid malware that can be hidden through XAPK files, if installed from Unofficial websites, fake links, the software will be very dangerous for your phone.

How to install APK-XAPK

  • APK: To install the APK file you need to use the corresponding supporting software such as: Astro File Manager or ES File Explorer.

 – XAPK: The tool that supports installing XAPK is: APKPure – the application is considered to be another Play Store of the Android operating system.

How to install APK-XAPK
What is Xapk!

What distinguishes the APK and XAPK files most easily is that the APK allows you to experience any application you like quickly, and the XAPK file has an additional OBB memory to support the installation of applications. Large capacity to meet your requirements. Choose to install APK or XAPK to experience the hottest applications and the best new games without having to worry about installation. You should be ready to use longer to install APK / XAPK.

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