Free Download 旅かえる 1.8.2 APK


Free Download 旅かえる 1.8.2 APK 旅かえる 

-Name: 旅かえる

-Version: 1.8.2

-Requires: Android 4.1+

-Update: 2020-07-31

-Installs: 1,000,000+ 

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1. クローバーを収穫しよう
2. おみせでもちものを買い物しよう
3. 旅のしたくをして完了!



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Travel frogs send frogs who love traveling to their journey
It is an application that waits for a leisurely return

If you want to do something for your trip
Tell us about your trip with photos
Rare souvenirs from all over the world obtained during the trip
Gives me a gift (may not be available)

◆ How to play
1. Let’s harvest clover
2. Let’s shop for food items
3. I want to travel and I’m done!

When you want to do it, the frog will go on its own
I’ll wait for you to come back safely

Journey with freedom
Please enjoy yourself

[Supported devices]
AndroidOS4.1 or later
【frequently asked Questions】
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・ Telephone support is not supported.

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