1Tap Cleaner Pro helps you to clear cache files, search history, call history and messages, and configure the default actions assigned.

1Tap Cleaner Pro Features:

• 1 click to clear the entire cache
• 1 click to clear all browser search and navigation records
• 1 click to clear the call logs (incoming, outgoing, missed, frequent contacts) and SMS
• List of all applications that use the default actions and their cleaning
• Widget showing the cache and its size

• Automatic clearing of the cache and history at a specified time
• Automatic cleaning when there is not enough memory
• Clearing the cache and history for certain applications
• Notification at startup when the application uses memory for cache more than 500 KB
• List of applications by cache size, data, code, total size or name
• View the application on Google Play
• Uninstall the application
• Open the application
• Display the page with the details of the application Nia
• Various automatic cleaning intervals