The best tactical game on mobile

This product has brought great success to the manufacturer SuperCell. You can easily see the massive amount of downloads on Google Play. 100 million people have installed and played it in the long run. And that’s just the number that counts in the download app. Other web download sites also have a large number of downloads. To date, the game continues to update the latest features to be able to satisfy its players. Clash of Clan boasts over one million five star reviews on the App Store. This is the motivation for the game development team to try every day to perfect this product.

The most attractive features

In addition to defending your castle and attacking other strongholds to find resources for you, you can participate in the highest combat anymore. Clan Wars is where you can show your troops and your talent in front of tough opponents. They are all players around the world at the same level as you. Besides, these people have different army and tactics, so it will be more difficult to predict.

Cannons, bombs, traps, mortars, and walls, … There will be so many types you can buy in the store. This is the most useful thing to defend your castle. Enemies who want to advance and loot wealth must overcome these challenges first. If they were destroyed by the soldiers, the expedition would fail. It also warns the player to be careful before breaking into someone’s home, must prepare carefully.