Archero MOD APK v1.1.4 (MOD High Damage, God Mode) New version 2019


If you’re a fan of the palace, the player will surely not be able to ignore Archero. Habby produced and released this game and at the beginning of April 2019. At present, it has been interested and played by many gamers around the world. Honestly, it was so attractive that many of YouTubers made videos to show how to play it even though this is just an offline game. This is not a very difficult game; it is not difficult on any one side. The gameplay is also easy, the controller is also clear, the image is beautiful, but all that is combined brings a new and attractive look to the player.

Many challenges

Each stage, you need to overcome monster classes with different powers. They can appear from anywhere, such as the entrance, your back, or right where you stand. Stay alert and keep the concentration you need if you don’t want to die in this place full of demons and monsters.

Moreover, there are many traps and obstacles. The stones can fire many fireballs around, moving electric traps. They can cause damage or stun you for a few seconds.

To help you complete the level faster and easier, our Archero MOD version helps you increase damage per attack. Besides, you will be able to increase the attack speed and the attack range. Hopefully, with three features we provide can help you play this game better.


No player dares to claim this game is easy. Although not new gameplay, Archero still has many difficult challenges waiting for you. If you want to find a challenge or an entertaining time-killing game, this is still a perfect choice.