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869 is a game that simulates an adventure to the world’s largest water park. Players will participate in a race where they will be immersed in the space filled with water. The colorful water slides will make your summer so brilliant. is a new product that has just been launched this summer. With such a short time, it has achieved more than 10 million downloads on Google Play. This is a branded game of Voodoo. That is the reason why “” is so popular with many people. Good gameplay combined with a reputable publisher will quickly bring outstanding success for the product only. Gameplay appropriate to the times is a factor that hits the player’s psychology.

Besides, the image design of the game also contributes a significant part to its success. The simple 3D graphic depicts a giant water park with many players joining. Like other products, Voodoo also offers a game with a lot of colors with a theme park with cool blue tones. Besides, the characters who participated in the game are also well-finished with icons similar to stickman but add a lot of diverse colors through unique bathing suits. Your appearance can also be freely customized. When you have a lot of money, buying yourself, a new look will definitely be a perfect tool to express that style.

The first stage will be natural, so you can easily watch out for players around. Later on, when the challenges have become more dense and complicated, you will probably make that mistake. Moreover, at later levels, players will become much more potent by improving their fundamental indicators. You will get faster-sliding speed, or wider moving angles, stronger attack power, … All those indicators are just for the sole purpose of getting you to the finish line.