Umma Muslim Community & Lifestyle APK

Umma Muslim Community & Lifestyle APK
Umma Muslim Community & Lifestyle APK

Umma APK Muslim Community & Lifestyle is one of the applications built to serve Muslims with all things related to them, so if you are Muslim, this is a very useful application. Useful for you, especially during the covid-19 epidemic season

Features of Umma Muslim Community & Lifestyle

For those who are religious, make sure that the first thing they care about will be your religious bible, which is especially for Muslims, it will be very effective for reading the Qur’an. ‘ An Thanh (Al Quran), which uses the local language version and is translated into many different languages, to make it easier for you to understand.

Umma Muslim Community & Lifestyle APK
Umma Muslim Community & Lifestyle APK 4
  • Listen to the Quran along with its Arabic texts.
  • Learn the meanings of the verses in the Quran
  • Bookmarks to mark, save, read / listen to favorite verses.
  • Discover inspirational Quran topics related to everyday life and to understand Islam in general.

Prayer Times

Accurate prayer time based on user’s location


— Real-time Adhan notification with audio to indicate prayer times
— Countdown system for next prayer time
— Imsak time and notification for Ramadhan

Umma Muslim Community Lifestyle APK 2
Umma Muslim Community & Lifestyle APK 5


— Questions and answers on day-to-day topics in the live of a Muslim
— Learn from Ustaz and other experts on issues relevant to becoming a better Muslim

Islamic Calendar:

— Islamic calendar feature consisting of Islamic holy days such as Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha
— Other important dates in Islam, including festivities such as Ramadhan period.

Umma Muslim Community & Lifestyle APK
Umma Muslim Community & Lifestyle APK 6


— Look up Qibla direction based on user’s location

Daily Content:

— Islamic articles, videos on Islamic studies, taaruf / relationship
— Popular quotes about Islam
– Popular Verse and Surah from Al-Qur’an

Where can I download umma – Muslim Community & Lifestyle

There are many units available for this application, however, you just need to click on the link below to download it right now, with the fastest download speed possible.

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