Slap Kings MOD Apk v1.3.2 Unlimited Money Free Download For Android

Slap Kings is a game made and developed by Lion Studios. This is a very simple but entertaining game. When you play, you will understand why I say that.
Slap Kings MOD Apk

Slap Kings – Game of slapping the opponent in the face

Slap Kings is a game that aims to help players relieve stress after hours of work. With an interesting game theme, it does not require the device to be connected to the internet or require you to use data.

The game has been downloaded by many players to the computer for entertainment at the same time. free of charge. The game does not have a special plot, but only pays attention to the development of the gameplay.

Slap Kings mod apk has a turn-based fighting game where each side takes turns to slap. You will have the advantage when you will be the first to start. After you complete the shot, the opponent proceeds to respond with a slap. Each side will display its own HP for players to keep an eye on.

The party that runs out of HP first will naturally become a loser. A KO is entirely possible if the player uses a moderate and precise force. At the same time, each time, the character will perform some very cool moves, temporarily interpreted as an important effect.

Game made and developed by Lion Studios. This is a very simple but entertaining game. When you play, you will understand why I say that.
Game made and developed by Lion Studios. This is a very simple but entertaining game. When you play, you will understand why I say that.

At the perfect level, your character will give your opponent a slap, even allowing the opponent to leave the stage in a catastrophic way, such as flying from the stands.

After winning, players continue to face each other with the next opponent. The level of difficulty, as well as the intelligence of the AI, will gradually increase. At the same time, the clock speed will also increase rapidly. So, not because of the repetitive gameplay, the game is boring for players.


gameplay With such simple gameplay, the controls will also be very simple. No sophisticated combinations are required, but players only need to align correctly, then simply tap the screen.

Hence, the action phase will be executed. Depending on the level of precision, the force will vary strongly or weakly. The game is easier to play when it is designed in portrait orientation, meaning that the player only needs to use one hand to touch.

Design and Graphics

The game is presented with a beautiful and fun design. The details of the extent of the facial muscle injury are brought to attention in pleasure. In addition, Slap Kings also brings a very rich character system.

In addition to the characters that are the opponents that the player must face, other characters are also included as spectators. It is they who bring excitement and enthusiasm to every match. The game would be boring without audience interaction and effects.

The game has a special style, participate in the slapping contest
The game has a special style, participate in the slapping contest


Right! Honestly, it’s fun to hear the sounds of people slapping their faces or cheering. It makes you feel like you’re actually slapping someone in the face.

Overall, the game has quite interesting and new gameplay. Besides, the graphics are also brought to a colorful and vibrant atmosphere. So game, for sure, has the ability to help players who can cope with high stress.

However, with somewhat violent content, parents should consider letting their children play. If I rate the level worth playing, I would give Slap Kings 4/5.

Slap Kings game information and requirements

Okay game requirements and information , come to this part, let’s learn a little bit about phone configuration to be able to fight this game. Like I said above before, the game is also light. Perfectly suitable for low-end phones. The information below can help make that clear.

Some information and requirements of the game Slap Kings mod full money

  • Support installation on models running Android 4.4 and above.
  • Shared version: 1.3.2.
  • Size: 89 MB.
  • Google Play (original link): Game Slap Kings for Android.
  • Game play without Internet connection (completely offline) and extract mod Slap Kings without root.
  • The game is still being updated to the latest version by the game company on Google Play.

You see that. Very gentle, isn’t it? I have tried this game on my Android 5.1 phone, but it still works fine. Make sure you can experience this game to the fullest. Hope everyone will have a good time.

If you find that I have not updated the game when there is a new version, please remind me guys. Because I have to manage a lot of games, I can’t remember them all. Hope everyone can understand and help me with this problem. Have something to ask about the game, leave me your name in the comment section so I can review and update it as soon as possible for everyone to experience.

Slap Kings Mod Installation Instructions

  1. If your phone is installing the original game or MOD from other sources, you need to uninstall it.
  2. Download the APK file following the shared link.
  3. Enable allow installation of apps from unknown sources on phone settings.
  4. Install the APK file downloaded in step 2.
  5. Enjoy the MOD game.
Free download apk unlimited money for android
Free download apk unlimited money for android

Download Slap Kings Mod Unlimited money for Android phones

As usual, I uploaded the game file to google drive with a single link. Make sure the download speed and link quality are the best for you. Remember to log in to your google account and use chrome to avoid the error of exceeding the download limit. If you find a 404 error, report it to me so I can check and fix it as quickly as possible.

To install the game, just open the apk file and select install. When there is a new version, just come back here to download the latest version and update immediately, the game is updated without losing old data playing.


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