apkstore.io hello gamers, we would like to introduce to players Power Warriors game one of the most popular 2d simulation strategy games, and the latest version of the game Power Warriors 11.0 APK is 11.0

How is Power Warriors?

It is inherited and is compared to the game dragon ball version 2, it integrates all the characters that the dragon ball has, with up to 180 superheroes in the game. Each character will own a stone soul,

Power Warriors update 11.0

The new update contains:
-13 new characters
-1 character update
-4 new music songs
-New boss mode – Fight against a boss with a large amount of health and random enemies with low health will appear every 60 second. Earn 10 coins for every enemy defeated and 10 coins for each health bar that you are able to damage the boss. Are you able to defeat the boss?
-Survival and boss mode – All characters in these modes have the ability to slowly regenerate health. I noticed that a lot of players were using specific characters just because of this ability. With this new change you will be able to choose any character that you like and his / her life will slowly regenerate

Power Warriors update 11.0

-New quick battle mode – Fight in quick random battles. In this mode, you will fight in random battles, you will earn 20 coins for each battle that you win and these will continue to increase during each battle. For example, if you win the first match its 20 coins, win the 2nd match its 40 coins, win third match 80 coins and so on. How many consecutive quick battles can you win?
-New arcade level
-New missions 3
-Several minor bug fixes

A new “Boss Battle” mode will be added to update 11.0.

In this new mode, you will fight against a boss with a large amount of health and random enemies with low health will appear every 60 seconds.

A new "Boss Battle" mode will be added to update 11.0

Be careful with the big arms that appear at random positions, they cause damage and destroy your special attacks.
In order to help you the beat the boss, all characters have the ability to automatically restore your health slowly. In this way you can select any character that you like instead of chron specific character because of his health.

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