Garena Free Fire apk is one of the best fighting survival games ever, not only good content, investing in beautiful images and it also means more than that

Game Content Free Fire

Next to the games that have gone before, free fire also brings with it the style of the fighting game series with many outstanding features and is better than for the previous game publishers that have not been optimized.
You will still join as a great soldier with your teammates, left on small islands with the enemy. In each match you will be equipped with weapons, equipment, and even military vehicles for moving around, but to win, you also need to use a variety of tactics. , take the time to practice if you want to win the matches


Images in the game

With the fighting game, survival, fighting, decorated with a lot of beautiful images, and HD + picture quality to give players the deepest, most detailed view when playing games,
The publisher garena has also been very subtle when reducing a bit of light in the contrast, so that players can play games even when it is sunny, or uncomfortable light shines on, this is a huge plus for with free fire

Game Community:

With 450 million downloads, free fire has a very crowded gamer community, this saves you quite a bit of time, when you just press find the match is less than 5s then you can enter the match , unlike some other games of the same genre you will have to spend quite a long time searching for the match

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  1. Ranking of Death Battles – starting from 14:00 on 09/04
  2. Pomegranate smoke – appears (only in Death War)
  3. New character – Kapella
  4. New weapon – Thompson
  5. Motorbikes can now carry 2 people
  6. MP5, UMP, and M1887 will change the index
  7. Added settings to allow for speed automatically picked up in the game
  8. Players now cannot hide in the bushes
  9. Parachuting will now display the player’s backpack page
  10. The Free Fire Wonderland event is about to appear

Some frequently asked questions

How to win the free fire?

-Use map effectively
-Parachute release at the right time
-Choose a high position to hide
-Tactical fringe edge
-Use the vehicle effectively

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