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APK Editor Pro
APK Editor Pro

If you’re free and want to make something fun to do on the phone, not gaming, listening to music or watching movies like daily, the APK Editor tool will be a special choice for you. You can do a lot of things or cough with APK Editor and APK Editor Pro, let’s see what’s the attraction tool.

Introducing APK Editor Pro

APK Editor Pro is one of the best app editing tools, hack apk files that you can install on your Android device. The app was developed by He Pujiang from China. With APK Editor Pro You can directly perform all the tasks of editing APK files on your mobile phone, wherever and whenever you want. It can help you do things like replace icons, redesign layouts, remove ads,… On the APK versions. With APK Editor Pro You can edit every formula inside the APK.

Introducing APK Editor Pro
APK Editor Pro

Key features of APK Editor Pro

-Editing string resources inside the application/APK.
-Edit AndroidManifest. XML in application/APK
-Edit other resource files such as layouts, drawings, styles, etc.
-Edit Smali code in Pro version.
-Apply a patch to automatically modify an application/APK in Pro version.
-Supports decryption of all file files (previous versions to decrypt only the partially files)
-Rename, version, fix text in game, application.
-MoD change image, mod money, items in game.
-Add a simple PNG and Web server editor.
-Remove ads, remove APK file permissions and more.
Note: The pro version does not have limited functionality and no ads.
Make a copy of the app using APK Editor Pro
-First you need to prepare: APK Editor Pro tools and app needs to clone, built-in machine.
-Then you open the APK Editor Pro tool, select Select Apk from APP, select the app you want to clone and then select Common Edit.
-Then you change the information 2 lines: App name and Package name. You should change the generic name so that it is memorable, such as: A1, A2,…
-Select Save and wait for build to complete a new copy of the app.
-Once completed, APK Editor Pro will now path to file, you need to copy the room file when you need it.
-Finally, let’s try the experience right away.

Free app, game with APK Editor Pro

There are many titles, world-renowned apps in the world that use English language or other languages that make you have trouble playing. However with the APK Editor Pro tool, you can completely free the language in the game, app for you to have a better experience.
-Open APK Editor Pro app, select a game, the app you want to free, then select Advanced Editing.
-Next you click the Change Fonts icon, select the Vietnamese language, click OK and save the string file.
-After pressing save and close then you save Fike apk, then remove the original game file in the machine and download the translated version and install.

Note: The above is how to translate using string files, the number of complicated apk files, the language file will be in class file or another file. If that’s the case use the search dialog and click to convert DEX to Smali to find the word translation.

APK Editor Pro frees programming potential in you

In addition to the features that are many users, with APK Editor Pro you can satisfy editing and programming applications at your discretion. You can rename the app, change the settings location, ads, change the app’s icon image,… In particular you can hack games. Depending on your handling, you’ll create your own app with your own colors with the APK Editor Pro tool.

The appropriate configuration

Latest Version: 1.3.28, requires Android 3.1 or higher.
With APK Editor Pro, you can unleash the design of an app, hack certain games you like, you can do a lot of stuff with APK Editor Pro. The APK Editor Pro tool will bring you many new things to explore, try to download and use this useful tool.

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