AdShield Premium v4.8.4 Full Activated – Ad Blocker


AdShield: Ad Blocker, Secure & Private is a Tools android app made by plusnow dev. that you can install on your android devices an enjoy !

AdShield is a device-wide ad blocker that runs on your phone & tablet.
The application only runs on Browser
Why I need a blocker? br>
If you are using Chrome or Chromium-like Browser:
• Disable browser compression (data saver)
• Type in chrome://flags search for async DNS resolver (#enable-async-dns) and choose disabled in the drop down menu.
Otherwise chrome could bypass AdShield which blocks nothing.
If you are experiencing strange problems, please try to reinstall AdShield.Pre-defined upstream DNS is non-logging servers by Cloudflare. For more information, go to br>
Please note:
AdShield is NOT a VPN proxy which connects to remote servers that can masks your IP address. Your IP address will still the same when AdShield is activated.
We use VPN that connects to AdShield itself to identify ads and other unwanted contents. All interception is processed locally. VPN here is just a solution which allows AdShield perform block ads device-widely without root privilege. IT IS NOT A PROXY.AdShield cannot block 100% unwanted content.
AdShield can block ads
• Mobile/PC websites with annoying adsBlocks ads
• Saves your data plan
• Browse FASTER
• Increase battery life: As it only intercepts DNS traffic it is a fairly lightweight solution and does not seem to have any measurable effect on the battery life.Types of block
• Blocks annoying ads
• Blocks tracker
• Blocks malicious websites