21 Millionaire Secrets That Changed My Life – Making money is so easy

21 Millionaire Secrets That Changed My Life How To Become An Unstoppable Money Magnet

“He he he…” Marcus sniggered, as he watched his computer screen.

“Making money is soooooo easy!”

He had just made over £10,000 in 5 minutes at the touch of a few buttons on his laptop, from home.

As I sat there, seething with anger at that insensitive comment – I was broke, unemployed, and in a lot of debt – he sat back smugly, not taking his eyes away from the screen.

“What do you mean, ‘making money is easy’?!! Everyone knows that making money is hard! That’s why my family has always been broke, you insensitive *****!” I thought to myself, as I glared at him. But I didn’t say anything.

What I realized pretty quickly was that he knew things that I didn’t know.

He had attended dozens of personal development, wealth creation, business and investment seminars, where he had learned new money-making strategies.

He had also paid for mentors that shared their secrets with him and coaches that guided him step by step.

“I need to learn these strategies too, so that I can make money…” I said to him once.

“Sure…” said Marcus. “But strategies determine just 1% of your success”. “99% of your success comes down to the ‘millionaire mindset’” he continued.

He kept talking about this mysterious ‘millionaire mindset’ he’d gained, as the secret to his success. “What on earth is he talking about?” I thought.

At any rate, I decided to go on a quest like he had years before, and learn everything I could about making money.

I wanted this ‘millionaire mindset’ that seemed to give him Midas-like abilities (everything Marcus touched seemed to turn to gold, effortlessly).

So between 2003 and 2004 I attended more than 20 seminars. I studied books about money and wealth creation, and borrowed CDs and home study courses from Marcus.

I was looking for new strategies to make money. But nothing I tried worked. I was failing miserably and I kept getting more and more into debt.

I failed at getting a job, I failed at multiple MLM schemes, I failed at starting up 3 businesses, I failed at trading strategies. Everything I touched turned to failure.

Then one day, I decided to work on eliminating my limiting beliefs about money, using Neuro-Linguisting Programming tools and exercises.

The process involved answering some questions and brainstorming some ideas, and it took me 3 days to complete – just me, my journal, and a pen.

28 days later I started making $10,000 a month in passive income.

This was in May 2004. By 2006 I had a $450,000 a year Internet business and a $1m a year seminar business. Everything I touch – in a business sense – now turns to gold.

And whereas people have always wanted to learn the strategy I used, the fact is my success has never had anything to do with strategy.

It was all down to acquiring the millionaire mindset.
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People Hate Money, That Is Why They Are Broke

Most people may say they want to make more money, subconsciously it’s a whole different matter, harboring thoughts such as:

 ”If I Make More Money Than My Friends They Won’t Like Me Anymore.”

 ”I’m Not Good Enough. I Don’t Deserve More Money And Happiness.”

 ”What If I Make A Lot Of Money And Lose It All? Then I’m Really A Failure!”

 ”I Am Afraid Of Failure. What If I Fail? What Will People Think Of Me?”

 ”I Am Afraid Of Rejection. What If People Don’t Like My Product?”

 ”Rich People Are Greedy, Exploitative, Selfish. But I Am A Good Person. (i.e. Broke)”

 ”Money Is The Root Of All Evil.”

 ”In Order To Make More Money I’ll Have To Work Harder And I Won’t Have Time To Enjoy It, So Why Even Try?”

 ”If I Make More Money I’ll Never Know If People Like Me For Me Or My Money.”

 ”Money Doesn’t Buy You Happiness. Money Can’t Buy You Love.”

 “It Is Not Fair That Some People Have More Than Others.”

These are just some of the thoughts that the overwhelming majority of the population have SET in their MINDS. It is their MINDSET.

Human beings are simple enough. Our nervous system moves us AWAY from PAIN and TOWARDS PLEASURE. It’s the Pain/Pleasure principle.

I believe the majority of people out there subconsciously associate more PAIN to having and acquiring money than to NOT having money and being broke.

I know this will come as a shock to you. If you are broke, or you’re struggling financially, it is because subconsciously you hate money.

Here are just some of the positive beliefs that millionaires and successful people have in common:

“Money Is Nothing But The Measure Of The Value I Create For Other People!” “I Find Out What Problems People Have And I Help Them By Providing Great SOLUTIONS! THAT Is Why I Am Making More Money!” “Law Of Income: You Get Paid In Direct Proportion To The Amount Of VALUE You Deliver According To The Marketplace!”

“Your Income Is In Direct Proportion To Your Ability To Add Massive And Measurable Levels Of Value To Other Human Beings!”

“The Reason Most People Are Broke Is That They Don’t Deliver A Lot Of VALUE In The Eyes Of The Current Marketplace!”

“I Love Rich People! They Are Hard-Working Creative Determined People, Creating The Life Of Their Dreams!”

“I Love Making Money! I Love Being Rich! I Get Help A Lot Of People, I Get To Create A Lot of Jobs, And I Get To Enjoy The Best That Life Has To Offer!”

“I Love Making Money! I Can Help And Support My Family, Friends, Loved Ones, and Children Better!”

“I Love Making Money! I Get To Be A Force For Good In The Community!”

“I Love Making Money! I Can Afford To Take Better Care Of My Health And Fitness!”

“I Love Making Money! I Get To Enjoy Amazing Holidays In The Maldives!”

“I Spend Less Than I Earn And I Invest The Difference.” “I hate being broke! Being Broke Means I Am Being SELFISH With My Gifts, Intellect, Ability, and LOVE. Being Broke Means I Am Too Afraid To Stand On My Own Two Feet, And Instead Must Rely On Getting A SALARY From Someone. Being Broke Means I Am Not Adding Huge Amounts Of Value To Lots And Lots Of People!”
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The ‘Business Opportunity Seeker’ Mindset

Here is the mindset of the typical business opportunity seeker:

“I am too afraid of having my own business, so I will keep my job and in my spare time I will try to make some more money thanks to a business opportunity.

I still have all the limiting beliefs of a ‘broke’ kind of person… but I want more money.

I don’t care about creating and delivering more value to people’s lives. I don’t care about providing solutions to their problems. I just want to sell them stuff so that I make more money.

I still believe that making money is about taking money from other people, so that I may have more.

That is the mentality of a scammer, really, and that is why I am looking for money-making schemes and get-richquick schemes, because I still believe that THAT is how rich people become rich. Through scheming and scamming…”

The typical result of this ‘business opportunity seeker mindset’ is:

– Nothing works for them

– If they do make some money, it doesn’t last, because they sabotage themselves (deep down they still hate money or they’re afraid their friends won’t like them anymore, etc.)

– They keep fleeting from one business opportunity to the next, hoping the next get-rich-quick scheme will work

– They blame other people when their scheme doesn’t make them money

– They think “I’m broke because I don’t know the strategy for making money! If only ‘gurus’ shared how they really made money then I’d be rich too!”

DO NOT BE A ‘BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY SEEKER’! Instead, become a business owner. You must THINK like a business owner. You must THINK like a millionaire.