The Gemini app is on it way to Android tablets

A few weeks back, Google released the Gemini app for Android phones. This not only brought Gemini’s AI capabilities to the small screens, but it also set the transition from Google Assistant to Gemini into motion. However, many users were disappointed because the Gemini app was not compatible with Android tablets. This is about to change, as a new report points to the Gemini app coming to tablets at some point.

So far, we believe that Google is planning on replacing the Google Assistant with Gemini. When it launched, the app didn’t do too much. However, we’ve seen the Gemini could perform a few limited voice assistant functions. Also, you can summon Gemini on any screen on your device by using the hot word.

This would be all fine and dandy if the company actually properly implemented Gemini into the software before launching it as an assistant. There are still several features that Gemini cannot do, and this makes it a very half-baked assistant compared to Google Assistant. At this point, we don’t know when Google plans on officially putting Google Assistant to rest.

The Gemini app is coming to tablets soon

No one had any doubts about Google eventually bringing the Gemini app to tablets. Be that as it may, we are still technically dealing with leaked information, and you should take it cautiously. 9To5Google did an APK breakdown of the  Google app version 15.12 and found some code hinting at it eventually being distributed to tablets. This may also be present in the Gemini app version 1.0.618909562. Specifically, the deep dive found that it is soon going to make its way to the Pixel Tablet (Review).

The fact that it will hit the pixel tablet first comes as no surprise, as this is Google’s first-party tablet.  Interestingly, it appears that both Gemini and the Google Assistant will run simultaneously on tablets.  Right now, Gemini is still not a proper Google Assistant replacement, so many people using the Gemini app will still default to the assistant.

For some reason, Gemini says that it will take precedence over Google Assistant when the hot word is said. However, according to the report, it appears that it’s not the case. The Google Assistant will pop up rather than Gemini.

In any case, it is still nice to see that Google Gemini is going to make its way to Android tablets. This will only make it much more accessible.

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