Android 15 could block location from your carrier

Android 15 is fast approaching, and we are starting to get an idea of what sort of new features to expect. Well, if you’re a person who likes to keep their location private, then you’re going to like this potential feature discovered within the software. According to a new report, Android 15 may let you block your carrier from knowing your location.

Let’s face it, it’s extremely hard to keep companies from accessing your sensitive information. Your location is one of the worst bits of information that a company can get, and there are several ways of keeping companies from getting access to it. However, there is no way to be 100% certain that your location is preserved.

For example, you can manually disable your location on an app-per-app basis or throughout your entire phone. Unfortunately, that is not to say that your carrier can’t tune into your location. There’s actually a way for your carrier to know your location even if you have everything disabled.

Android 15 could let you block your carrier from knowing your location

It seems that there’s always something that users never learn about when they purchase a device. When your phone restricts an app from accessing your data, it is a software-based solution. However, your carrier can tap the actual signal radio on your phone to get your location. This means that there is no user-facing solution to this problem other than breaking your phone with a bat.

Well, according to code found with an Android, Android 15 may be able to block your carrier from accessing your location. There are situations where you would want your carrier to access your location like emergencies. However, knowing that there’s a method of sharing your information that you cannot control or don’t even know about is unsettling for most users. So, this will be a great feature to look forward to in Android 15.

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