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Download Rocket Royale 1.243 APK Rocket Royale 

-Name: Rocket Royale

-Version: 1.243

-Requires: Android 4.1+

-Update: 2018-07-09

-Installs: 1,000,000+ 

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The new chapter of battle royale games is here!

Rocket Royale is online battle royale shooter where the action takes place in a dying world. People desperately fight for their lives. But only one survivor… What a minute! In Rocket Royale not everyone is doomed! Everyone has a real chance to survive! Gather gears and build a rocket to leave this place. Or choose the hardest way and be the only survivor on the battlegrounds! Rocket Royale provides a lot of tactics by crafting and building covers around you! Be creative, act smart and make massive destruction on the sandbox battlefield! Increase your skills and you become the king of the battle royale!

Build your own way to the victory! Loot, shoot, gather resources and craft covers! In your arsenal more than 20 weapons and every weapon has its own rarity, parametres and attachments! Upgrade every weapon and work out your own style of playing! Make your own rules of survival! Good luck!
Thank you for playing Rocket Royale! We read the feedback you give to us and we improve the game according to your feedback. Stay tuned, new updates coming soon!

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